To make a long section short, to understand what I believe, click here. But, for the sake of this section, I will describe some of my core beliefs below.

I am Christian

First and foremost, before any theological distinctions or denominations get dragged into the mix, I am simply an orthodox Christian. This means I believe in the historical teachings of the Christian faith. This includes the Trinity, the sinless life of Jesus, His subsequent, death, burial, and resurrection, and so on and so forth. More than anything, I embrace Christ’s claims of exclusivity, that He is the only way to God and nobody can be saved by through Him (John 14:6). Moreover, this means I reject all other religions as valid before God.

I am Protestant

After being a Christian, I am a Protestant. Of course, I think Christian and Protestant are synonymous terms. Nevertheless, in being Protestant, I firmly align with Reformation theology. This theology, first and foremost, says that man is saved solely by God’s sovereign grace (Ephesians 2:8-9). The only works that saved you were Christ’s work—and His work is finished (John 19:30).

I believe there was a dire need for the Reformation in 1517 because of the Roman Catholic distortions of the gospel, and I believe that needs to be the same today.

I am a Calvinist

To begin with, I don’t particularly enjoy using the label “Calvinist.” I believe it brings with it negative connotations and a stigma that only brings more division and confusion within Christ’s body.

However, for the sake of clarity in this area of my blog, I will use the label. As a Calvinist, I do firmly believe in all five doctrines of grace (otherwise known at the five points of Calvinism, or the acrostic T.U.L.I.P.). I do not apologize for believing in them, as I see them all throughout Scripture. I cannot help but see the sovereignty of God in all pages of the Bible. For a helpful clarification of what Calvinism is, go here.

With that being said, being a Calvinist is not what defines me. Being a Christian is what defines me. Like I said, I’m not fond of using the label Calvinist. I am a person of Scripture, first and foremost. Though I won’t shy away from believing in the doctrines of grace, it’s not a hill I die on.

I am Southern Baptist

This area of belief, of course, isn’t as controversial as Calvinism. With being a Southern Baptist, I believe in believer’s baptism. That is, I think one should not be baptized until they make a credible profession of faith in Christ. So with that, I would reject that paedo-baptism—baptizing infants—is biblical. Sorry Presbyterians, I still love you!

I am a Complementarian

If you’re knowledgeable at all of distinctive beliefs or denominational differences, you would have gathered that I am a complementarian. By that I mean that I believe both man and woman, though equal in worth, value, and dignity, have separate roles in the house and the church. In the house, man is the head of the household, and the woman should submit under him (Ephesians 5). In the church, this simply means I believe the office of pastor (and deacon) is restricted to men (1 Timothy 2:11-14).

I am a Cessationist

I believe—now more than I ever did—that the miraculous, spiritual gifts (tongue, healing, prophecy, apostleship, etc.) have ceased. I am not as ardent about the topic as John MacArthur, however. I cover this topic in depth in my blog entitled “Why I Changed My Mind on the Spiritual Gifts.”

Other Beliefs

I have other beliefs in regards to the end times, cultural issues, and so forth; however, those were not as relevant in describing my beliefs as the above ones were.

So, if for some reason you’d like to know about any other belief not listed, just contact me. My contact information should be in the “About Me” section.